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prides himself on his ability to interpret 2-D reference and build
highly accurate 3-D models in a variety of genres: realistic action
figures and maquettes, architectural bases, and cartoon based characters for
PVC and roto-cast. His accomplishments include the successful Transforming
Wrestler Spider-Man from the Spider-Man: The Movie line, a complete line of
figures for, and being selected by Mark Alessi to develop
CrossGen Collectibles, the toy division of CrossGen Entertainment.

Kat is regarded as one of the fastest, most versatile painters
in the business. She is adept at a variety of paint techniques including
airbrushing, drybrushing, fine line painting, faux finishes and metallics.
Kat has been working in the indutry since 1999. In that time she was Head Painter
at FunHaus Toys for 4 years, head painter at SOTA Toys for 3 years, and these
days you can find her working as a freelancer. Lending her talents to such
companies as Diamond Select Toys, Disney, Dark Horse Comics, Electric Tiki,
Enesco, Gentle Giant, Marvel Toys, MGA, and Reel Arts.